Lately I've seen many articles about how making resolutions are a thing of the past, but I like to look at them like a time capsule. Writing them down and discovering them again at the years end to see if you followed through or many years later to wonder "what was I thinking?!" 2020 brought me the start of this blog, so now the entire world can ask, "what is she thinking?!" The definition of resolution is "a firm decision to do or not to do something." We will see how firmly I follow through, maybe I should just call them goals for now.

1. To give Meditation another go.

After a year filled with crippling anxiety, I downloaded the Headspace app on my phone. After reading about all the amazing benefits of meditation, I was inspired to prioritize my mental health in 2021.

2. To read (or listen to) 30 books.

In early 2019 before I realized all the side of effects of Hashimoto's, reading was difficult. It took me months to finish Michelle Obama's "Becoming", I would read a page and have to reread it. Back then, reading made my brain hurt and I was mad about it. Today I am happy to report I can read without my brain hurting, but I did become a fan of Audible! I read and listened to a total of 15 books in 2020, but I would like to double it!

3. Dry January!

I want to give my body a reset from alcohol. Specifically it interfers with my T4 and T3 process..blah blah blah more Hashi's problems. I think the longest I have gone is two weeks without alcohol so let's again try to double it!

4. Spend Less, Save More

One thing I learned in lockdown was that I spent too much money on unnecessary materialistic possessions. Money I should be putting into my IRA or savings. After moving back to my parents and selling a good amount of my things on Facebook Marketplace and Poshmark, I felt freed by having less. I want to carry this into 2021!

5. Be Kinder to Myself

At my lows, I have been my own worst critic, beating myself up for my failures and hardships in the last ten years. I want to commit to having a more positive inner monologue. Serena Kerrigan, the queen of confidence, already has me on a confidence glow up.

If there is one thing I learned from 2020, it's not to beat myself up if plans and goals change.

Day one, here we go!




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