When your grandmother sews you a jumpsuit and brings it over the day before your trip, you throw it in the car just in case you decide to wear it. Because jumpsuits feel a bit like pajamas, this was actually the perfect outfit to wear while walking around the small town of Springdale, UT after 6.5 hours in the car. The glow on the rocks from the sunset made them especially red at this time of day.

My mother has had Zion on her bucket list for the last five years. My best friend Tessa was already planning a weekend trip there herself so we tagged along with her as our guide. We arrived Friday evening and after dinner rented neoprene socks, water shoes, and a walking stick for our trip to The Narrows the next day. Rentals can be found all over town and ours cost $25. Don't forget you need shuttle tickets ($1 a person) to hike The Narrows or you can get a private shuttle for a bit more money

We started our Saturday with the Canyon Overlook Trail hike which was pretty popular and saw three brides and grooms taking photos along the way. There also was a pack of Big Horn Sheep along the route. At the peak of the trail is a beautiful view of the canyon and the red rocks.

Next up was The Narrows. We made our way back to the Visitors Center and caught the shuttle out to The Temple of Sinawava, the last stop. The shuttle ride itself is a spectacular drive through the canyon and the driver points out landmarks like Angels Landing, Weeping Rock, and Darth Vader's helmet along the way. Once off the shuttle, it's about a mile walk along the river until you start hiking through the water. The water was cold but felt great as it has been scorching hot on the West Coast. The canyon is mostly shaded so I'm glad I brought a jacket. We hiked about two miles in the water, then headed back. At some points in the river, we waded through waist-deep waters, a time when being only 5'2" was not very helpful. The Narrows was a bit crowded, but definitely the highlight of our trip.

After our adventures in The Narrows, we had dinner at Tessa's fave eatery, Oscars, which I was happy to see many gltuen-free options on their menu! Tessa and I both got the Avocado Chip Garlic Burger which was super delicious and after a long day of hiking, super satisfying. We posted up in our room the rest of the night watching the HGTV show Hidden Potential and went to bed early.

On Sunday we had time for one last hike before heading home. You don't need shuttle tickets for the Watchman Trail hike and I highly recommend it for its stunning views of the canyon.

Before heading home we had coffee and treats at FeelLove Coffee where the avocado toast was divine. Adding a balsamic glaze to all my avo toast from this point forward. Mom was the real MVP as we hit a ton of traffic on the return trip home. She drove while I had an allergy attack in the passenger seat the entire nine hours it took to get back. It was so worth it though to get out of town and get into nature. Adding many more National Parks to my bucket list for next year's travels!