Apple Season

I grew up just a short trip away from Oak Glen where the apple orchards grow on the mountainside hills. I have great memories from trips to Riley's Farm, just one of the farms in the area. In the last month, a fire ripped through the area and some farms were hurt including Los Ranchos Rios. Their website says that the fire was not part of the El Dorado Fire and that they lost their store barn, packing bar, kitchen, and other buildings. Their picking farm remains open at this time. It was pretty crowded with people supporting the farm the day I went up, so we decided not to stop there. We did stop at Law's Ranch where you can find the Holy Honey store where we picked up some jars of Lavender and Lemon honey. I've been putting a spoonful of the lavender in my coffee in the morning! They have a few other flavors I am going to have to try because I think my jar will be empty fast.

Then we continued on to Riley's Farm where we picked apples and purchased some pumpkin butter. They have lots of activities for kids including many history-themed shows, dinner theatres, and overnight stays. As a kid, I remember churning butter with my girl scout troop. The fall activities help me get into the autumn spirit while the temperatures still scream summer. I can't wait to make these apple pie bars from the Sweet Laurel Cookbook with the apples we picked. I definitely recommend this fall adventure; I'd love to go back again to help Los Ranchos Rios recover from their fire.


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