Friday Finds

How is it October? It's been in the 100's here and my car air conditioning has been broken for two months while I wait for the part to come in to get it fixed. I feel a bit old school driving with my windows down to feel a breeze. It's not ideal, but with Covid everything is a bit backed up. I'm headed to Zion for a quick trip this weekend. It will be my first time at the park and I've been looking forward to it for the last few weeks.

Here are some of my Internet finds for your Friday:

Ana Luisa - My grandma surprised me with these earrings yesterday and I can't wait to wear them! She got them for me to match with an outfit she sewed up. I love the blue in them!

Jamie Beck -I have been following this photographer for a long while and her #IsolationCreation series during quarantine was something I looked forward to every day. For 60 days she created original art and photography work that was simply exquisite. My best friend gave me the Day One Poster as a special present when I was laid off due to Covid and I currently have it in this beautiful gold frame. She just launched her phone case collection this week using the art from the series.

Sweet Laurel - I got this cookbook as a gift for my mom on Mother's Day and (now that I live at home and have her kitchen) I'm eager to try some cookie recipes to get me in the fall mood! Their deserts are grain-free and dairy-free which is perfect for my Hashimoto's.

(Picture Source: @tayjjay)


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