Friday Finds

I'm really missing being able to travel right about now. I at least wish I could make PLANS to travel, but the future is so uncertain I'm not making any big plans at the moment. The above picture is from Iceland in 2017. It was such a great trip and I'd love to go back and explore more of the country. Small plans are what's in my future for now and I'm headed to Santa Barbara to visit my sister this weekend. Here are few Internet finds for your Friday!

Selena + Chef: This quarantine-filmed cooking show is super cute and follows Selena along with some help from her friends and grandparents while they cook up some wonderful meals. I've gone down a rabbit hole into the chef's she is cooking with to learn more about them. They are all amazing, but how am I just discovering Candice Kumai! Her recipe's and overall message for life speaks to me. Green smoothies, matcha, work ethic, and self-confidence! I am now a huge fan.

SAVE NCAA GYMNASTICS- A few schools have made the choice to eliminate gymnastics programs, citing cost, and a way to save money due to the pandemic. This is heartwrenching as I myself was a collegiate athlete and my student-athlete experience meant everything to me. Please consider giving, if you can, to a program at risk. The University of Alaska is in a unique position where they were told if they can raise a certain amount of money, they get to stay!

Halloween Decorations- I love seeing all the spooky decorations this time of year. A good stoop in Brooklyn to the neighbor across the street here in California, it seems more people are dressing up their lawns, porches, stoops, or entryways for Halloween these days. Here are a few places to find some decorations. Bats! Spiders! Ravens! Ghosts! Skeletons!

Have a great weekend!


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