Happy Winter Solstice

Today is officially the shortest day of the year, which means starting tomorrow the days will start to get longer! Has anyone else felt like the dark messes with your sleep schedule? I used to work indoors in the afternoon and wouldn't notice it got dark until I left to go home. Now that I am safely in the comfort of my parents home every day, that 4:45pm sunset has been making me feel like bedtime is just around the corner.

Apparently this year the dark will be giving us a great backdrop for the "Christmas Star" which we will be able to see well for the first time since March 4, 1226. It happens when Jupiter and Saturn look to be so close together you can see the planets and their moons through binoculars, but they are actually millions of miles apart in space. The phenomenon that occurred 800 years ago will only last for a few days and is only a coincidence that it is happening during the winter solstice.

Here is a video of the winter solstice sunrise at Stonehenge for your enjoyment! It's a bit magical watching the sky turn pink over this magnificent place.

Have a Merry Christmas, four more sleeps until Santa comes!

xo, Taylor


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