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Growing up one of my favorite things to do with my mom was to go look at model homes. We loved analyzing the layouts, how they were staged, and picked out our dream homes. We still stop into any decor shop we walk past like the one I snapped the above picture from in Santa Barbara. My favorite channel on cable growing up was HGTV for good reason! My own style has changed over time and I admit I have followed the trends from mid-century modern to Scandinavian minimalist. Currently, with no space to design while living with my parents, I am gathering my favorite designers and honing in on what my next space will look like. Here is a list of who I have my eye on!

1. Shea McGee from Studio McGee

If you haven't seen their new show (Dream Home Makeover) on Netflix, add it to your list! I'm obsessed with her style and love that she uses blue as a neutral. Her husband Syd cracks me up with his puns. Based in the Salt Lake City area of Utah, they showcase their own home while helping others. They also just came out with a new line at Target and I'm already adding to my wishlist!

2. Jenni Yolo of I Spy DIY

I love following her stories on Insta, especially while she shops for vintage art! She and her husband own some rental properties in the Milwaukee area. She is continuously changing up her designs within these homes and their own house. Her backyard designs are particularly beautiful too as they have hosted some small weddings at their Airbnb's.

3. Jenna Sue of Jenna Sue Design Co.

They built their home from the ground up in Florida as well as flipped some other properties. I love the modern neutrals with a bit of the French glam, it exactly my current style. It's the mirror for me. Also....THE CLOUD BED..OMG.

4. Mallory from ReserveHome

Every room in this Brooklyn apartment is effervescent and cozy. She and her husband are in a unique situation where their landlords let them demo and redo their kitchen. She is continually moving around the furniture and artwork seasonally and just got a gorgeous new couch. This post shows how they did the hanging candles for the spooky season! Her cats are always the stars of her stories and you know I'm here for it.

5. Anna Page of The Page Edit

An influencer whose style matches mine, this NYC babe has impeccable taste. She and her husband just moved out of their downtown highrise into an Upper East Side apartment and I can't wait to see the final result of their new home design. Follow her stories to see the process. Her new bedroom is a dreeeeeam, even though the one above gave me all the love for a canopy bed, I am loving the new direction she is going in!

6. Shelby of Pretty in the Pines

Neutrals QUEEN. Shelby's first love was designing her home in North Carolina, but a recent move in March to NYC has had her decorating their Upper West Side apartment. The mantle, the neutrals, the coziness of it all! Check out her kitchen which is renter-friendly designed with peel and stick flooring and backsplash. She also created her own molding in one of the rooms which gives it the old world charm. Shelby actually has used some Studio Mcgee x Target pieces in her living room above! She is constantly doing things I would have never thought to do and it just works!

7. Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit

A good design includes ORGANIZATION! I am now the proud owner of both of their books (1 & 2) and devoured their new show on Netflix! It inspired me to organize the fridge, my closet, my best friend's pantry, and the bathroom immediately after watching. They don't just make things organized but add style and a dose of interior decorating to the whole process.

Hope you found some inspiration for your own space!



(above picture snapped while shopping in Santa Barbara)


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