My amazingly talented grandmother has been sewing her clothes since she was young. When I was a kid, she made my Halloween costumes and many of my favorite dresses and coats. During a trip to Paris a few years ago, my sister pulled out a few pieces my grandmother, Joyce, had made her. Let's just say I was keen to get home and have her create some new items for myself!

During quarantine, a project I started was creating an Instagram account so I could tag the pieces she made for me. The best part has been sending the pictures to my grandmother, who loves to see her creations being worn in the world, even if they are mostly being worn only a few feet away from my front door due to the global pandemic.

The best part about clothes made just for you is that they are tailored to your body and therefor flatter your features. As someone who has struggled with body confidence for years, having clothes that fit me in the right places has made a huge difference. I am so lucky to have her as my own personal tailor and seamstress, although due to Covid we haven't been able to create new pieces. She did make me some matching masks from scraps of the same fabric from some items she had just worked on pre-quarantine.

Check out some of her work at instagram.com/joycemadethis


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