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My friend Talia sent me a text that did this to my phone and it blew my mind. Then I had to have a nine year old tell me how to do it because I had no idea. For those of you that have an iPhone, you hold down the blue arrow/send button and it gives you some cool effect options. I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out! Anyways, here is a photo dump life update of sorts.

I have been cooking from The Defined Dish and made the Pot Pie Pasta last Friday night. It was a perfect meal on a cold & rainy day. My dad refused to eat it because it had peas while my sister raved that the peas are what made it tasty. I loved that it was made in a single pot and made clean up super easy. My other go-to has been the Black Pepper Chicken recipe, which everyone in my family has asked me to make again!

We've been getting some magical sunsets and on this night, Catalina was so clear and I watched the sun dip down behind the island while the sky turned colors. I used to work nights and it feels silly to have wished for more sunsets in my life, but 2020 and 2021 are giving me sunset magic as I have been able to view the most amazing pink and purple skies over the last year.

College gymnastics is back and I watched six hours of it on Saturday. You can tell the girls are just so happy to compete and each time out feels like a gift. Some schools are doing a great job at their mask wearing. University has a huge metal claw to hadn't athletes their masks, UCLA has individualized mask bags, and Utah gymnasts just compete with their mask in their leotards on some events! While some schools and athletes have opted out, gymnastics has been categorized as a low risk sport in regards to contact and Covid19. This article from The Salt Lake Tribune yesterday was an interesting read in regards to chalk and how it might be keeping Covid at bay in the gym.

I have been doing "dry January" and there have been A NUMBER of days I have wanted a glass of wine, let me tell ya...January has been rough on my mental health. I decided to not drink alcohol for January mainly for my Thyroid health and Hashimoto's. It is a fact that alcohol disrupts the T4 to T3 conversion and it was more of a test run to see if I noticed and improvement in my Hashi's after not drinking for a period of time. I'm due for some blood work next month, so I'll check my numbers out and see what my labs say.

I'm looking forward to another great weekend of college gym!



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