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I was not a fan of podcasts until about three years ago. The idea of listening to people talk honestly didn't sound that interesting to me, but then a friend recommended Malcolm Gladwell's "Revisionist History" Podcast and I thought, hmm I like his books, I'll give it a try. I was hooked and then went down a rabbit hole of what else I should listen to. I'm continuously searching for new listens, but here are my top picks. Tell me what you're listening to in the comments! Also, here is "a brief history of podcasting" if you're interested.

Anyone else listen to podcasts on the 1.5 speed and feel that normal speech is too slow for you brain now?

My favorite podcast when I need career advice. Danielle and Carly host a multitude of female founders, CEO's, and all around badass's on their show. I love listening to these women tell their stories because they usually have not lived linear lives to get where they are today. I always leave feeling pumped up! My favorite episode guests have been Barbara Corcoran, Bobbi Brown, and Arianna Huffington.

In an effort to keep up with what's going on in the world, The Daily injects some news into my life. They cover a broad scope of topics with reporters all over the globe. My favorite episodes have been the 5-part series from summer 2019 that covered some Eurupean political moments as well as their coronavirus updates with Dr. McNeil Jr.

I just want to say that I have been an Armcherry from the start! I started listening to this one from the very, very beginning and have loved their branch off Podcast Monica and Jess Love Boys. Dax studied anthropology at UCLA and deep dives into the lives of celebrities and experts. They are all my favorites, but if I had to tell you which to listen to first it would be episode guests Bill Gates, Alison Brie, Adam Grant, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Malcolm Gladwell, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Steve Madden, Bill Nye, and Pete Carroll. I will be so excited for the return of the live shows and to try to attend one in LA.

I found this one after listening to the regular Goop podcast which is also great, but I love the focus on beauty. With Hashimoto's I am always on the hunt for clean beauty products as I react more to not-clean products these days. I discovered Heretic Parfum through this podcast and after trying a discovery set, I got a big bottle of Dirty Lemon for Christmas.

The only show I listen to on regular speed because they play the song at the end of every episode. This podcast became so popular they turned it into a few television episodes now streaming on Netflix! The artist breaks down a song and how it came to be from creation to finish. My favorite episodes have been with Billie Eilish, Bleachers, Hozier, and Selena Gomez.

Kate and Oliver Hudson talk to other sets of siblings who relive their family dynamics. My absolute favorite episode was with Laura and Lisa Ling. Laura was held hostage in North Korea and hearing about how these sisters moved through that time in their life is incredible. Kate and Oliver banter about their childhood and their life as parents now.

The podcast that started it all for me! Malcom Gladwell takes a look back on a historic event and why circumstances resulted in the outcome. After five seasons, there have been so many great episodes so just start at the beginning and listen to them all. They stay at about the 30 minute mark so a perfect car listen (especially on 1.5 speed!)

My old boss recommended this podcast pre-pandemic. A look at what health care in America is getting wrong and how it got to be this way. The Coronavirus vaccine edition is my favorite episode as the host speaks to many doctors on their opinion on the vaccine.

I just discovered this podcast, but have been using Katie Sturino's Megababe deoderent for a few years. She is known for her Instagram posts with #makemysize. She has a variety of guests on and my favorite episode is Dating in Your 30's with the girls from the next podcast I mention below, Girls Gotta Eat. They talk about weddings from the cost to the guest list and how a 2 or a 3 before that second number in age makes a difference!

As mentioned above, I found this podcast after hearing them on Boob Sweat. I have only just begun to listen to their podcast, but I relate to these girls who are around my age and still dating in NYC. They talk about almost everything, nothing seems to be off topic, which I love!

What else should I be listening to! Although I am not driving as much, I like to take the dog on a walk around the neighborhood to catch up on my podcasts! I hope I gave you something new to try. Thanks for stopping by!




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