So you want to know more about me...

Giving me full early 2000s and MySpace vibes, I thought I'd answer some random questions.

1. What is your middle name? Janae

2. Share your favourite subject in high school. History. I loved learning about faraway places and past events. I think this is why I like period pieces in novels and film/tv.

3. What is your favourite drink? It changes with the season, but Sangiovese is my favourite kind of red wine. I never was a gin drinker until this past summer when I finally understood the concept of "gin & juice".

4. What is your favourite song at the moment? Taylor Swift's "The Lakes". Why are her Bonus Tracks always her best work?!

5. What is your favourite food? Tacos! Specifically a crispy shell with shredded beef...but I really do love all types of tacos.

6. What is your favourite sport? Gymnastics, duh. (Did I mention I was a gymnast through college? Go Broncos!)

7. What is your favourite book? The Harry Potter series (I separate the work from the author at the moment)

8. What is your favourite color? Pink

9. What is your favourite animal? Horses, I rode before I decided to quit for gymnastics (we couldn't afford both or I would have continued).

10. What is your favourite perfume? Viktor & Rolf's "Flowerbomb"

11. What is your favourite holiday? Election Day...go VOTE! But also...Christmas and the true spirit of kindness the holiday brings.

12. On a scale from 1 – 10, rate your childhood. 9, I LOVED my childhood. My mom was crafty before it was cool. I was in girl scouts, had great teachers, made many trips to the Library, and really loved my childhood.

13. Have you been out of the country? Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, France, and Australia. I can't wait to travel again!

14. Do you speak any different languages? Spanglish? I can read it better than I can speak it, which isn't saying much. Although I have started DuoLingo lessons in French during quarantine.

15. Do you have any siblings? Two younger sisters

16. What is your favourite store? Nordstrom

17. What is your favourite restaurant? Chihuahua in Newport Beach.

18. Did you like school? YES! I still love to learn new things.

19. Who are some of your favourite YouTubers? Kristen Johns is the only YouTuber I watch lol.

20. What is your favourite movie? The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson

21. What are some of your favourite tv shows? Alias, Stranger Things, Ted Lasso, The Crown, Friends

22. PC or mac? MAC

23. Do you have your tonsils? Nope, I got them out when I was 4.

24. How tall are you? 5'2"

25. Do you have any pets? My Cat, Rosie. I am currently living at my parents who have 2 corgis, Tucker and Milo, and a mini dachshund, Mira.

Okay, byeeeeee!


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