Taylor Swift Saves 2020

(Trying on my new Lover merch back in May 2019, I had planned to wear this to Lover Fest!)

If you're not a Taylor Swift fan then kindly leave. JK, you don't have to leave, but there is no room for hate for Miss TS here. I have been a fan since her original album and have seen her on every single tour from Fearless in Boise, to the rest of them at Staples Center & the Rose Bowl. And every. single. time. I am BLOWN away. She is so talented, from her songwriting skills, instrument abilities, concept creations, feminist pursuits, philanthropic donations, and political passions. I am always amazed at what she puts out next. This summer she dropped an entire album in July that was made during quarantine. Folklore, a departure from her usual pop beats, is my favorite yet and it went on to earn six Grammy nominations. NOW....she is dropping another album, Evermore, as a birthday present from her to the world. This is exaclty what I needed today, Taylor, thank you.

The album drops at Midnight EST along with a new music video for Willow.

Not only has she been dropping hints, but she has also been dropping some $$$ to those in need. After reading an article in The Washington Post, she gave some financial stability to families that have fallen on hard times from the pandemic. She also donated to the local food bank of one Swiftie who created an epic Christmas Lights show to her song Christmas Tree Farm.

Now if only Jeff Bezos would start being as philanthropic as our Queen TS.

Merry Swiftmas!

xoxo, Taylor (J)


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