Welcome to The September League

Thanks for stopping by! I have been wanting to create a space for some mental creativity for a while, but simply put, I was too scared to start. The September League is all about the feeling of new beginnings. Not that the other months of the year aren't great, September just has a particular magical feeling to me. Maybe, it's because I have been on some epic adventures in the last few years during this month or because so many big life changes have happened in September. Whatever it is, the nostalgia for those last few days of summer turning into fall lives in me all year long. And here I am, finally beginning again after many failed attempts over the years to start.

2020 has been particularly awful to the world, but I am determined to finally begin what I have always wanted to create. Which is a place to share my opinions, thoughts, and photos as a way to 1) Document portions of my life, 2) Write and find my written voice, and 3) Join the blogging community while I navigate the treacherous waters of the internet. So bare with me and please continue to check-in while I find my groove around here.

Happy First Day of Fall!

xo, Taylor


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